четверг, 12 марта 2009 г.

Why Do You Need an Automotive Floor Jack

If you are a car owner, there should be a place for such a maintenance tool as a car floor jack in your toolkit. Most times car manufacturers provide a specific jack with the cars they produce, but you may lose or break it or even not get it at all if you buy a used vehicle. Be careful, when choosing a replacement for your former car jack because different jacks serve different cars.

What an automotive jack basically do is raising up a part of a car. Car owners often used it when changing a tire, but there a lot of other ways of using it. As usual a car jack can lift only a part of a car (a corner, for example), but there are some specialized jacks which are able to raise the entire back or front of the car if needed.

Automotive companies prefer to provide scissor jacks with their cars. This type of jacks utilizes the central screw mechanism for raising and lowering a car. To bring the mechanism to action, you can use a simple tire tool or a specialized handle, which is usually supplied with a jack.

For larger vehicles like trucks you will have to use a high-lifting jack with a tall metal pole, large base plate and a ratcheting mechanism, because lifting such a weight is not an easy task.

Hydraulic car jacks are often used by car owners as well. When choosing a hydraulic jack you can buy a wheeled or non-wheeled model.

The last type of car jacks which is often used in car repair shops is a large floor jack, which operates with the help of hydraulic fluid. Such a car jack is very helpful for lifting the entire back of a car.

Safety features of car jacks make sure that you avoid accidental injuries. With large bases a car jack will never tilt or sink into the ground. Most jacks are fitted with a special mechanism or a handle for lifting a vehicle. However, there are automotive floor jacks which can be operated with the help of a simple tire repair tool. A stop point on a jack helps to avoid overextending it beyond its capabilities.

When travelling on your car you'd better have an automobile jack at hand. The most important benefit is that a driver can change a tire quickly and easily in emergency without calling for assistance and paying a lot of money for this. Surely, you can use the tool for any other task (like changing brake pads, belts, oil) if you like to do all the maintenance by your own. If used in accordance to its manual, an automotive car jack is a very helpful tool for every car owner.

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